Friday, 4 October 2019

Homework C1 2018-2019

1. T1: A proposal. 250 words. Deadline 18 Oct. Find The details here

2. T3: Article/essay (identity, culture). Deadline 8 Nov

3. T4: Letter to the editor. (Crooked politicians). Deadline 22 Nov

4. T7: Review of a science/tech exhibition. Deadline 17 Jan

5. T8: Article on education. T9: Deadline 25 Jan

6. T9: Application letter. Deadline7 Feb

7. T10: Letter of complaint (hospital) Deadline 19 Feb 

8. T12: Essay. Deadline 12 Mar

9. T13: Article (blog – food trends). Deadline 22 Mar

10. T14: Report. Deadline 2 April

11. Write a review of two books you have read this year. (Deadlines: before 31 Oct tell your teacher the books you are going to read. On 30 April hand in your review). Click here for a list of readers and more instructions for this assignment.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Readers C1

List of recommended readers for C1

Write a review about the books you are reading this academic year.  Useful language .  (Deadlines: before 31 Oct tell your teacher the books you are going to read. On 30 April hand in your review)

In your review you can include your favourite quotes from the books and add some explanations. In the final paragraph try to compare the books you have read. You can also try to convince the reader that the books you have chosen should (not) be on the Reading List next year.

Reading List 2018-2019:

NEW BOY, Tracy Chevalier
TIMBUKTU, Paul Auster

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

General School Information

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- Use the pedestrians' gate. Avoid the car park gate.

- Only enrolled students are permitted on school premises

- The car park is only available for staff members. However, students can leave their bikes and motorbikes there.

- We ask students to refrain from smoking, eating or drinking anything other than water.

- Use the study rooms while waiting. Keep corridors and exits clear.
- Refrain from using mobile devices during exams

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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Unit Tests

  1. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 1 Test PDF
  2. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 2 Test PDF
  3. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 3 TesPDF
  4. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 4 Test PDF
  5. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 5 Test PDF
  6. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 6 Test PDF
  7. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 7 Test PDF
  8. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 8 Test PDF
  9. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 9 Test PDF
  10. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 10 Test PDF
  11. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 11 Test PDF
  12. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 12 Test PDF
  13. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 13 Test PDF
  14. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 14 Test PDF
  15. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 15 Test PDF
  16. Outcomes Advanced TB Unit 16 Test PDF



Exam samples

  1. MOCK EXAM ONE       audio mock one part one and part two
  2. MOCK EXAM TWO       audio mock two part one and part two
  3. MOCK EXAM THREE   audio mock three part one and part two


1. Housing and cities (unit 1)
2. The Law, crime and punishment (unit 4, 6, 16)
3. Social issues (unit 1, 4, 10)
4. Politics and History (unit 4, 12, 13)
5. Families  and personal identification (unit 2, 6)
6. The world of work (unit 9)
7. Education (unit 2, 6, 7)
8. Environment (unit 7, 8)
9. Physical and mental health (unit 10) Related pages: 1, 2, 3,
10. Free time and culture (unit 3, 5, 11)
11. The media and consumerism (3, 13, 15)
12. Science and technology (unit 7)
13. Nature and the animal world (unit 8)
14. Challenges, danger and risk (unit 16)
To learn how to do the monologue click here
Click here for tips on developing conversation