Friday, 4 October 2019

Homework C1 2018-2019

1. T1: A proposal. 250 words. Deadline 18 Oct. Find The details here

2. T3: FOR and AGAINST Essay (identity, culture). Student’s Book page 31. Choose one of the 6 sentences. Deadline 8 Nov.
You will get ideas on how to write an essay here and here. You will find useful language here, here, here , here  and here .

1. Globalisation has led to an increase in nationalism.

2. We should all buy more locally-made products in order to boost the economy.

3. You could easily have more in common with someone in a different country than with your neighbour.

4. Every single person living in a society contributes equally to the nation's identity.

5. School plays a key role in developing critical thinking about culture and identity.

6. More and more people are going to suffer identity crises in the future.

3. T4: Letter to the editor. Deadline 22 Nov

Reading an English language local newspaper you have come across a controversial article criticising Spain for lack of action on corruption. Write your letter to the editor. (180-200 words).
You will find a letter writing guide here and here. You can find useful language here, here: Formal letters, and here:  How to write.  


Council of Europe report criticises Spain for lack of action on corruption

THE Group of States against Corruption (GRECO,) the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption monitoring body is highly critical of Spain.
In a report published last Wednesday, it released information which was gathered between 2014 and 2016 concerning Spain’s compliance with its recommendations to prevent and combat corruption in respect of members of parliament, judges and prosecutors.
Officials from Iceland and Italy were appointed by the 49 country strong group (48 from Europe plus the USA) to review the achievements of the Spanish government and the report concludes there has been limited progress in Spain in complying with its recommendations and that the country’s level of compliance remains “globally unsatisfactory”.
Spain has not yet fully implemented any of the eleven recommendations GRECO issued in 2013. Seven recommendations have been partly implemented and four have not been implemented at all.
The report states that with respect to parliamentarians, several recommendations await implementation including the adoption of a code of conduct in both Houses and a thorough review of the financial disclosure regime.
It notes however that there has been some progress as a draft on lobbying seems to be underway, which is a step forward to enhance transparency on how parliamentarians engage with lobbyists and other parties.
It is more complimentary about the high quality of the judiciary and the prosecutorial service in Spain and welcomes the reflection process underway to issue a national justice strategy and to increase the independence and the efficiency of the judiciary.
As part of the non-compliance procedure in respect of Spain, GRECO’s President, Marin Mrčela, has sent a letter to the authorities here calling for determined action to be taken with a view to achieving tangible progress as soon as possible and requesting that they report back on the implementation of the recommendations no later than December 21, 2018.


4. T5: Write a blog post of a hidden guide to a place you have recently visited or you know(180-200 words). Look at the example on page 47 and follow this link to know more precisely what you need to do. Deadline 4 Dec.
Remember to write a headline, and an introduction that will catch the reader's eye, and a conclusion.

5. T7: Review of a science/tech exhibition. Deadline 17 Jan

A newspaper has asked for reviews of museums that people have been to and would recommend to its readers. You decide to send in a review in which you describe a science museum you visited recently. You should also say what you enjoyed the most about it and explain why you feel it is worth visiting. (180-200)
Here you can find useful language for reviews. You can find useful language for writing here.

6. T8: Article on education. Deadline 25 Jan. (250 words)
To see how to write articles click here and also here. Finally, you can find useful language for writing here
Choose ONE

A) How has education changed over the last decades?
B) How will education change in twenty years’ time?

7. Oral Presentation
Make a presentation. Give a five- minute presentation to your class on one of the speaking topics. You can find some tips here and  here. Deadlines: before 30 Nov tell your teacher the topic. In February give the presentation.

8. T9: (To be done in class) Application letter. 25 Jan.

On 25 Jan you will be given several job offers. You will choose one of them and will write a letter of application (200 words).
You will find a letter writing guide here, here and here. You can find useful language here, here: Formal letters, and here:  How to write.   

9. T10: Letter of complaint (hospital) Deadline 19 Feb

A member of your family is having health issues at the moment. You have taken him/her to hospital several times but the last time you and your relative did not receive the attention you had expected and deserved. After unsuccessfully trying to complain directly to someone in charge, you have decided to write a complaint letter to the hospital’s manager.(200 words)

You will find a letter writing guide here and here. You can find useful language here, here: Formal letters, and here:  How to write.   

10. T10: (to be done in class) mediation (mediate between speakers) formal email. 22 March. 
You will have to adapt information given (summarise, paraphrase, extract the important information...)
You will find a letter writing guide here and here. You can find useful language here, here: Formal letters, and here:  How to write.   

11. T15: You work for the international magazine FOOD and have been asked to write a contribution for a guidebook on food trends. You should describe some of the most popular trends and highlight any relevant information regarding food trends in Spain. You can find useful language here. Deadline 2 April.

12. Write a review of two books you have read this year. (Deadlines: before 31 Oct tell your teacher the books you are going to read. On 16 April hand in your review). Click here for a list of readers and more instructions for this assignment.

13. T16: Report.  It is your employer’s job to carry out risk assessments where you work, to find anything that could cause harm and to remove or minimise risks. Write a report explaining to your boss what hazards you found during your assessment and recommend some measures to improve them. (180 words) You will get more ideas on how to write reports here. Deadline 30 April

14. Last written assignment:
Reflection: write a letter to your teacher (deadline 16 May)

We are approaching the end of the academic year. You decide to write a letter to your teacher giving him some feedback about the course. In your reflection you can include aspects of the course that you loved or loathed; what you found useful or useless; suggestions for the future and any other aspect you may consider worth pointing out in order to improve the teaching and learning process of this course.
You will find a letter writing guide here and here . You can find useful language here.
Formal letters.
How to write.